This community forum welcomes all residents of the City of Parchment
and in the Parchment School District.

Meetings are held at the Parchment Community Library (401 S. Riverview, Parchment, MI)

at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday each month.

NOTE: While the Library's meeting room is close due to COVID-19 restrictions,
Action Team meetings are currently held online via Zoom. 

See this page to learn how to join the next meeting.

Discussion focuses on defining, prioritizing, and solving problems in our city.  
"We find and we fix"

  • The moderator will ensure that everyone who wishes to participate is heard and that no one voice predominates.

  • Each meeting will create and/or review a task list and set the topic for the next meeting.

  • Each meeting generally lasts one hour.  

Watch this brief video from Public Media Network

to learn more about the P.A.T.!

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